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25th May 2021
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The most effective organisations know they’re attracting the right people, doing the right work, at the right time, with the right skill set. They have effectively futureproofed their businesses by aligning their organisational needs with their people strategy and have been able to make critical workforce planning decisions, without fear.

These critical decisions have been made ever more urgent post-pandemic, with the pace of change we’re now experiencing, and the impact of things like automation, rapidly changing operating models and a hybrid workforce.

See if you can predict the future for your workforce

Data-Driven Workforce Planning

Taking a data-driven approach to workforce planning will give you the tools you need to adapt quickly to change.

Data-driven workforce planning lets you craft, test and deploy new workforce approaches before you make a decision. It enables you to easily identify gaps between your current workforce and future needs, then find the right people with the right skills to drive the business forward.

With data-driven workforce planning, HR leaders are able to drive effective change with confidence.

Predict the future for your workforce in a few simple steps

The Future Workforce Challenge

The Future Workforce Challenge, which launches this week with Human Times and orgvue, enables you to quickly and simply understand how data-led workforce planning would transform your decision making.

Simply select your current most critical workforce planning decision and we’ll model and share a few scenarios with you.

The result? You’ll understand how you can use your data to answer your biggest workforce planning questions and confidently plan for the future.

Take the workforce planning challenge


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