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14th September 2021
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If ever there was a time that tested the limits of an organization's risk, compliance, and ESG programs, this past year was it. A massive, sudden shift to remote work amidst a global pandemic. Essential workers serving on-site, facing new risks and uncertainty. And employee health and safety top-of-mind for everyone. The strengths and weaknesses of any risk and compliance program was on full display.

Many programs showed remarkable resilience. But are they ready for what is next?

In this tenth year of the NAVEX Next Risk & Compliance Virtual Conference, we'll cover hybrid workplace models, changing workforce paradigms, constant shifts in an increasingly regulated environment, regional impacts for global organizations, and innovative best practices all risk and compliance practitioners should and will care about in the coming year.

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Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to hear focused on risk and workplace best practices.

Investigation Challenges: The More Things Change the More they Stay the Same

Gregory Coleman is the former FBI agent and lead investigator in the infamous Wolf of Wall Street case.  In this session, he will share how he conducted high-profile investigations based on a range of financial crimes cases.  Mr. Coleman will be joined by a former FBI colleague, Scott Moritz, now a senior managing director at FTI Consulting. They will discuss established investigation techniques as well as how some of these practices have changed in recent time.  For example, the spike in remote (online) investigations driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Work Re-Imagined: Analysis from PwC’s US Remote Work Survey

The past 18 months have completely altered the way we work. Remote and hybrid workspaces aren’t just reactions to past crises, but an increasingly certain part of our future. But what does “remote work” really mean, and what can (and should) hybrid work environments look like? Join Julia Lamm of PwC as she shares the results of PwC’s latest Remote Work Survey and its implications for the future of work.

Security Through Integrity: How to Effectively Manage Third-Party Information and Cybersecurity Risk

Integrity - It's at the core of what all information security and cybersecurity professionals do. This is especially true when it comes the issue of third-party risk management. But what can organizations do to ensure the integrity of their vendors' data storage, operations, IOT, and more? Join our speakers as they discuss how to mitigate third-party information and cybersecurity risk by picking the right partners, hiring the right specialists, and making the right investments.

Mid-Day Keynote with John Wheeler: Effective Use of Integrated Risk Management Practices

In this session, renowned risk management practice expert and senior Gartner analyst, John Wheeler will review the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) model and how organizations can apply it to their businesses. This presentation will also cover market trends that affect risk management practices, including:

•     The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had on risk management planning
•     Increased integration of enterprise-wide risk and compliance programs
•     Broadening responsibilities for risk management professionals

Addressing the Broad Scope of Conflict of Interest Risk Vulnerabilities

Conflicts of interest are among the most sensitive issues that risk and compliance professionals face. Complex webs of personal, familial, and financial relationships can make decisions around how to address these risks difficult - especially when considering the reputational impacts of actual, potential and perceived conflicts. Join our panel of experts as they offer R&C practitioners practical strategies to manage real-world COI scenarios and requirements more effectively and efficiently.

Leveraging Frameworks for a Disciplined Approach to Data Privacy

The data privacy landscape is growing more complex by the day. As state, national and multi-national agencies advance their own privacy standards, what can risk and compliance functions do to avoid being overwhelmed by competing obligations? Join our panel of distinguished speakers as they discuss how to choose and properly implement privacy frameworks to overcome these challenges and put an end to “privacy regulation overload.” 

Aligning Business Continuity to Business Resilience

As recent events have taught us, successful businesses must have comprehensive plans and strategies in place to ensure both continuity and resiliency. But how do these goals differ, and what can organizations do to bring them into closer alignment? Join our panel of experts as they elucidate the differences between planning for unanticipated crises and adapting to long-term changes, as well as what businesses can do to effectively manage both types of risk.

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