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14th September 2021
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If ever there was a time that tested the limits of an organisation's culture, risk, compliance, and ESG programmes, this past year was it. A massive, sudden shift to remote work amidst a global pandemic. Essential workers serving on-site, facing new risks and uncertainty. And employee health and safety top-of-mind for everyone. The strengths and weaknesses of any risk and compliance programme was on full display.

Many organisations showed remarkable resilience. But are they ready for what is next?

In this tenth year of the NAVEX Next Virtual Conference, we'll cover hybrid workplace models, changing workforce paradigms, constant shifts in an increasingly regulated environment, regional impacts for global organisations, and innovative best practices all human resources, legal, risk, and compliance practitioners should and will care about in the coming year.

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Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to hear focused on workplace best practices.

DEI: From Social Movement to Sustainable Change

Effective strategies to cultivate and sustain diverse and inclusive workplaces aren’t one-size-fits-all. What works for some organisations may not work for others. In order to successfully create an environment that empowers each individual to bring their whole authentic selves to work, organisations must develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) infrastructure that is resilient, flexible, and sustainable.

Investigation Challenges: The More Things Change the More they Stay the Same

Gregory Coleman is the former FBI agent and lead investigator in the infamous Wolf of Wall Street case.  In this session, he will share how he conducted high-profile investigations based on a range of financial crimes cases.  Mr. Coleman will be joined by a former FBI colleague, Scott Moritz, now a senior managing director at FTI Consulting. They will discuss established investigation techniques as well as how some of these practices have changed in recent time.  For example, the spike in remote (online) investigations driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keynote with Dale Vince: Building an Organisation Based on Principle & People

Companies need to be about more than simply making a profit. Join green entrepreneur and United Nations Climate Champion Dale Vince OBE as he talks about his determination to build successful businesses with sustainability at the heart of their vision and operations. Dale will review his approach to business and his philosophy of sustainable development, and consider questions such as:

•    How do you weave sustainable development into the DNA of your organisation?
•    How does a CEO maintain that clarity of purpose so the whole organisation can conduct itself properly and achieve business objectives?
•    What other practices should an organisation cultivate to assure that everyone is working in pursuit of that common vision?

What You Need to Have On Your International Roadmap

Building an effective risk and compliance function is complex for companies in any country - but what about those operating in several? Multinational organisations often have to prioritise competing (and sometimes conflicting) rules, regulations, and frameworks in order to keep compliant. Even businesses with a single storefront increasingly have to deal with international suppliers, vendors and other third parties. Join this session to learn how your R&C function can effectively navigate these unique challenges by drafting and executing a roadmap for compliance success.

Resilient and Ready: How the Past Informs the Future

This past year when so many were working remote, and the hybrid remote/in office model we expect to come, were and are significant challenges for management and employees alike. This session will provide insights on the state of the "new normal" workplace from: Kim Blue, VP People Experience at Zoom, Pat Harned, CEO of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative and Carrie Penman, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at NAVEX Global. This discuss will focus on changes we've already seen and thoughts on how leaders can get ready for what’s next.    

EU Whistleblower Protection Directive: Countdown to Transposition

Europe is in the midst of a regulatory leap forward for whistleblower protection, as Directive 2019/1937 (also known as the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive) takes effect at the end of 2021. With time running out for member states, who must all transpose the Directive into national law by 17th December.

Workplace Whistleblowing in the Post-Brexit Landscape

While all EU member states will be required to adopt new minimum standards for whistleblower protection by the end of 2021, the realities of Brexit mean the UK will need to take a different path. With PIDA widely regarded as needing reform, The Office of the Whistleblower Bill, currently being put before the UK Parliament, offers a clear direction. Our expert panelists will look at what lies ahead for whistleblower protection in the UK.

Beyond Compliance: Understanding Behaviour and Culture

An increasing proportion of organisations already have foundational elements of a best-practice ethics and compliance programme in place. But how can they advance the programme to the next level – and begin to anticipate conduct risks? One answer is to better understand what drives the behaviour of the employees and contributes to the shaping of an organisational culture.

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