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14th October 2021
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The evolving COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the landscape of HR, ushering in a much needed evolution, with a new mindset on flexibility and a heightened focus on employee communication and recognition. With this change, it’s important to reset, realign and ask: where do employer and employee sentiment stand?

A recent study conducted by Reward Gateway surveyed 3,809 employees and senior HR decision-makers across Australia, the UK and the U.S. revealing more about the expectations and intentions of HR leaders and their employees in this unique time, highlighting employees’ plans to leave their current jobs and what HR leaders are willing to do to keep them.

The data suggests that the next 12 months will define how employers can balance healthy employee churn while attracting, retaining and engaging top talent. Overall, the research reveals key themes to a positive employee experience.

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The war for talent is here. Coupled with Brexit limiting or completely eliminating the EU talent pool for many organisations, it’s apparent that there is a dramatic need for workers, and not enough of them to fulfil this need. The data and trends are clear: The upcoming year will be a time for HR leaders and employees alike to reset, reconsider their goals and priorities, and realign. Every company has been forced to change, and many are in the process of reinventing themselves once again.

Download this report to learn:
  • How organisations can benefit from 'healthy churn' as they work to attract and engage top talent.
  • What employees want and expect from their employers, and how this has evolved as a result of the pandemic.
  • How the hybrid working model will become the dominant work environment and what this will mean for employees and businesses.

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