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19th October 2021
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Future of Work: How HR tech can enable transformation

In the last decades, new technologies have revolutionised and challenged the business world. Robots are now assisting workers in heavy-duty tasks; communication software is enabling virtual team collaboration; and RPA technologies are automizing processes. Technologies have fundamentally changed the way we work and made our daily challenges easier to tackle. The current pandemic has underscored the importance of digitised working for continuing and accelerating business operations.

HR, as the “people” department, faces some of the most prominent organisational challenges that require rapid reaction and decision making. For one, HR needs to support organisations in responding instantly to changing demands in the workplace – such as enabling remote work, virtual leadership and collaboration and designing safe work environments.

Secondly, it needs to be prepared for the challenges to come once the pandemic subsides – such as supporting organisations in recovering from harsh business impacts, rethinking the employee experience, and boosting on and offline workforce productivity.

To fulfil these requirements, HR must accelerate its own technological development. The future is  Intelligent HR, a digitalized HR function driven by insight and purpose, powered by technology and focused on employee experience.

In this live Industry benchmark, developed by Capgemini, we are inviting you to compare your organisation's approach to HR Tech and the maturity of your digital transformation to peer firms across the UK, Europe and Middle East.

See how you compare across vital questions such as:

How far away are you from providing employees with the “consumer grade” experience they expect at work?

Start live comparison here

What are the top barriers you foresee your organization could face in undertaking digital transformation in HR?

Start live comparison here

Intelligent HR is a future-fit function, powered by data, insight and digital technology, envisioning and enabling the fluid and augmented workforce of the future. See how you compare here and receive the full insight report from Capgemini, personalised for your organisation.

Compare your approach to HR tech and Digital Transformation in this live HR benchmark


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