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14th September 2021
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How to gain greater insight into a global workforce

How much time and productivity is lost by employees trying to learn basic information about their colleagues? How quickly can your workforce answer:
  • Who's that person’s manager?
  • Which time zone are they in?
  • When was their last promotion?

At Invision, a fully distributed company with over 600 employees in more than 20 countries, the answer was at least an hour a week. That may not sound like much, but it was actually costing the company the equivalent of $2.5M in lost productivity across the organization!

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The People Ops team knew they needed a solution that would allow them to visualize relationships between employees and larger teams across the company while empowering them to make strategic data-driven decisions.

Seamlessly integrating with InVision’s HRIS, payroll, and equity management platforms, the team InVision was able to do all the above and more with ChartHop. 

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