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Future of work expert Edie Goldberg draws attention to Microsoft’s 2022 Workplace Trends, a report that found that the top reasons employees are quitting today have to do with personal wellbeing & work-life balance, followed closely by workplace flexibility and lack of confidence in leadership. Goldberg asks whether employers are listening to what their employees really want?
4 Ways that Performance Management & Employee Engagement will drive business success

Employees are the heart of any thriving business. But it’s increasingly challenging to build cultures that attract, retain, engage and motivate people.

As far as perfect pairings go, few are as impactful as employee engagement and performance management. Understanding and nurturing this relationship is key to building a workforce of engaged, high performing employees who are deeply invested in your business.

In this article, we walk through 4 ways that performance management and employee engagement linked together will drive business success.

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Liz Ryan, founder and CEO of Human Workplace, expresses her dislike of one-way video interviews. What makes them even worse, she opines, is having an interviewer who has no idea what the job is, what the job requires, who you are or how to interview you for the job.

A poster on the subreddit for Human Resources is exhausted – they complain that they are tired of writing policies that get sidelined, tired of endless recruiting and turnover, tired of lack a of support, tired of fighting for our seat at the table, tired of 60 hour weeks, tired of managers who make things worse, tired of egos, tired of everything always being on fire. The post garners a lot of responses sympathising. However, one response suggests specializing as the answer – noting that since taking a job as a talent acquisition specialist, all they do is interview and hire people now ,with no more “BS!”
Hosted by Mike Thul and Jessie Novey, What The HR! is a thriving podcast now on its 46th episode. Mike is a board member of Twin Cities Society for Human Resources Management (TCSHRM). The podcast provides insights, strategies, and anecdotes that explore how to build better businesses through modern people practices and approaches. Topics covered include Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, Listening Strategies, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Company Culture, Transformation, Talent, and Leadership. One of the latest episodes examines how Microsoft is dealing with the future of hybrid work. TCSHRM is a nonprofit organization of about 1,000 Human Resource professionals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area.
Michael C. Bush is CEO and owner of, a global people analytics and consulting firm that helps companies of all sizes produce better business results by focusing on the work experience for every employee. The company produces Fortune’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Michael has 17k followers on LinkedIn and 2300k followers on Twitter.



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