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19th October 2021
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The Talent Uprising – The Revolution Driving Evolution

After more than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic we have now arrived at a turning point. Engagement levels, which were on the rise in the early days of COVID, are now at their lowest levels since 2017. Now, as vaccination rates rise and pandemic restrictions ease, many organisations that are eager to go “back to normal” must contend with the fact that employees are no longer willing to return to pre-pandemic ways of working. This has led to a power shift and resulted in a “Talent Uprising,” creating a world in which employees have a stronger hand in dictating the terms of employment, allowing them to demand more flexibility in how, when and where they work; increases in salary and benefits; and even changes in culture and progress in DE&I initiatives.

This Talent Uprising should not be seen simply as an employee revolution but as a driving force for organisational evolution. Smart leaders will leverage the learnings from the last year and a half, building on the agility and momentum gained to create meaningful changes in the workplace, the workforce and the work itself, elevating the employee experience to create a culture in which employees feel inspired, respected, connected and committed. View our Whitepaper to learn how.

Go Back or Move Forward?

Many organisations now find themselves at a crossroads, struggling with the choice of attempting a return to the way things were pre-pandemic or charting a new course. On the one hand, employees have successfully demonstrated that they don’t need to be in the office on a regular basis to be productive, and many workers report feeling more productive—whether at home or in the office—when they have more flexibility in the way they work. However, working remotely can often result in disengagement and disconnection, making it more tempting for employees to search elsewhere for not only the right level of flexibility and compensation, but also the right culture, connection and community they desire.

How can you embrace the Talent Uprising?

Companies must rethink and align their talent strategy and initiatives to the new world of work to support the achievement of their business strategy. The Talent Uprising presents one of the greatest opportunities ever to create meaningful changes in not just the workplace, but in the workforce as well as in work itself.

Check out our Whitepaper to learn how organisations can create a new work environment that best meets the needs of the employees as well as the business.


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