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Tensions between Beijing and Washington remain top concern for U.S. companies in China

A report by the American Chamber of Commerce in China reveals that tensions between Beijing and Washington continue to be the primary concern for U.S. companies operating in China. The report also highlights inconsistent policies, rising labor costs, and data security issues as other top worries. Despite claims by Chinese leaders that foreign businesses are welcome, many still face barriers to investment and operations. The report acknowledges the improvement in U.S.-China relations in 2023 but states that the U.S. presidential election is casting a shadow over the future business environment. The report emphasizes the need for high-level exchanges and communication between the two sides. It also provides recommendations for both China and the U.S., including the creation of transparent economic policies and clear visa policies for students. The report urges China to clarify and narrow the scope of its anti-espionage law and calls on the U.S. to engage with Chinese companies to address export control concerns. While American companies are not planning to move supply chains out of China, their willingness to increase investments there is decreasing.

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Bank of England voices concern over private equity

The Bank of England has warned that high interest rates are threatening to cause havoc in the £6.5tn private equity sector, with dire consequences for the wider economy. Nathanael Benjamin, the Bank's executive director for financial stability strategy and risk, cautioned that recent developments in the industry could disrupt funding to real economy companies and inflict significant losses on systemic institutions. The Bank's financial policy committee is conducting a closer review of private equity risks and will publish its findings in June. Private equity firms now face more expensive funding costs and the risk of credit losses in the future. Opportunities for private equity firms to offload companies through stock market flotations have also dried up, increasing borrowing across the sector. Michael Moore, chief executive of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, said: “The private capital industry stands ready to detail how it has played a vital role in the UK economy for over 40 years, showing its resilience through different economic cycles.”

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