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DOJ taps first chief AI officer amid rising tech concerns

The U.S. Justice Department has appointed its first official focused on artificial intelligence (AI) as it grapples with the potential impact of AI on federal law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Jonathan Mayer, a professor at Princeton University, will serve as the chief science and technology adviser and chief AI officer. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that the department must keep up with the rapidly evolving scientific and technological developments to uphold the rule of law and protect civil rights. Mayer will advise Garland and the department leadership on integrating AI responsibly into investigations and criminal prosecutions. The Justice Department has already used AI in various ways, such as tracing the source of illegal drugs and analyzing tips submitted to the FBI. However, there are concerns about the potential biases and risks associated with AI technology. Mayer will lead a board of law enforcement and civil rights officials to advise on the ethics and efficacy of AI systems. He will also work on recruiting more technological experts to the department.

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