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Texas Attorney General impeached

The Texas Legislature has impeached Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton on 20 articles of impeachment, including abuse of office and bribery. The Senate will hold a trial next, and a two-thirds majority of its 31 members is required for conviction. If convicted, Paxton would be permanently barred from holding office in Texas. Paxton's impeachment has been led by his fellow Republicans, and the move to the Senate could give Paxton's grass-roots supporters and national figures like Trump time to apply more pressure. The impeachment reaches back to 2015 when Paxton was indicted on securities fraud charges. Most of the articles of impeachment stem from his connections to Austin real estate developer Nate Paul and a revolt by Paxton's top deputies in 2020. The allegations include attempts to interfere in foreclosure lawsuits and improperly issuing legal opinions to benefit Paul, as well as firing, harassing and interfering with staff who reported what was going on.

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