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We bring you a snapshot of the world’s most important news stories happening that day to give you a clearer picture of what’s going on in your industry. Rather than regurgitating the headlines, we turn them into actionable insights.

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You don’t have time to collate and decipher thousands of articles and documents that might be useful to your profession. Plus, you don’t know what’s noise and what’s theory. That’s why Industry Slice does the hard work for you.

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The world is changing at an incredible rate and we know there’s too much overwhelming information out there for you to navigate in the time you have. That’s where Industry Slice has the experience and expertise to help.

We were born out of a desire to provide professionals like you with a free service that provides the information you need in a fast and focused way. We’ve been working in the media intelligence and publishing industries for decades, starting in the 1980s, and over time, we’ve delivered bespoke media intelligence to tens of thousands of corporate leaders and provided professionals with millions of actionable summaries as an essential part of their day.

Now we are providing you with access to our newsletters so you can feel confident in your knowledge and make the best decisions you can.


William Knight
William Knight

Managing Director

A news and newsletters aficionado, William spent over a decade managing editorial teams at Precise Media. Having worked from the cutting room floor up, William is as at home in the camaraderie of an editorial newsroom as he is in the boardroom. William developed the Industry Slice concept to business intelligence beyond the board room and to the masses.

Dean Wading
Dean Wading

Commercial Director

Dean joined Industry Slice in 2017 having previously worked with them for 2 years as lead consultant developing new sponsorship and partnership solutions and services in the US and UK.

Dean’s media services career spans 25 years in the UK and US in senior Commercial Director roles in Kantar, WPP, and TNS.

Sophie Spencer
Sophie Spencer

Account Executive

Sophie joined the Industry Slice Team in 2021 and started out as Lead Generation Executive before moving over to Account Executive with the main focus being to help support existing client accounts.

Sophie Previously worked for a Children’s Book Publisher as Business Development Manager.