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Economic policies and tax concerns ahead of RNC amid Trump's recovery

As Donald Trump heads into the Republican National Convention, there's high anticipation around his economic agenda, particularly his tax policy. Despite minimal detailed planning, Trump has signaled intentions to implement broad tariffs and lower taxes, aiming to stimulate the economy. He proposes no taxes on tips and suggests lowering the corporate tax rate slightly from its current 21%. These moves are part of a broader strategy that includes defeating inflation and boosting domestic production by increasing output of oil, natural gas, and coal. Critics argue that Trump's fiscal strategies, especially his continuation of tax cuts, could exacerbate inflation and add over $5 trillion to the national debt. Furthermore, the economic implications of his proposed tariffs are debated, with some analysts warning of increased consumer costs and heightened inflation. As Trump recovers from the assassination attempt, the convention is set to focus heavily on these economic strategies, reflecting his administration's past actions and hinting at more aggressive fiscal maneuvers if re-elected.

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