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North America
President Biden shows unprecedented support for striking autoworkers

President Biden made an unprecedented show of support for striking autoworkers by joining them on the picket line in Van Buren Township, Michigan. Wearing a union ballcap, Biden urged the United Auto Workers (UAW) strikers to continue fighting for better wages. He expressed his belief that the UAW members deserve a 40% raise and criticized auto companies for not meeting union demands. This visit marks the first time a modern president has joined an ongoing strike, highlighting Biden's pro-union stance. However, the strike poses a dilemma for the Biden administration as it aligns with the White House's clean-energy agenda, which includes a shift to electric vehicles that may result in job losses for UAW members. Despite criticism from former President Trump, Biden's visit demonstrates his commitment to cultivating union support as he runs for reelection. The negotiations between automakers and the UAW are ongoing, and the union has threatened to escalate the strike if necessary.

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Therapy sessions start for long-term sick

Therapists employed by the state will this week begin consultations with the long-term sick after ministers expressed frustration that the NHS is not doing enough to get people back work. Physiotherapists, mental health counsellors and stroke specialists hired by the Department for Work and Pensions will offer assessments to people claiming sickness benefits in an effort to reduce the number classed as unfit to work. Pilot sessions will begin in London and Birmingham, with the Government hoping to expand the scheme by hiring more therapists. Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride said: “Many of our claimants have complex health conditions, and this trial will explore whether they could benefit from support from medical professionals with specialist knowledge.”

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Truckers in Germany begin hunger strike to protest exploitation

Truckers responsible for transporting goods across Europe have initiated a hunger strike in Germany to shed light on the exploitation they claim to endure. The strike, described as "unprecedented," has seen 80 drivers set up an encampment at a motorway service station. The drivers, mostly from Uzbekistan and Georgia, claim they are not being paid regularly and face inhumane conditions. They demand unpaid wages of €500,000. The drivers work for Polish trucking companies owned by the Mazur Group, who deny any irregularities in payments. The drivers chose Germany for their strike as they feel safer taking action there. Edwin Atema, head of Road Transport Due Diligence Foundation, called the action "unprecedented" and highlighted the exploitation faced by drivers in the European trucking industry. The drivers and companies have filed complaints against each other, and prosecutors are investigating.

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Middle East
China and UAE discuss cooperation in labour and human resources

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, welcomed the Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security of China, Li Zhong, and his delegation in Dubai. The meeting aimed to explore opportunities for cooperation and exchange experiences in labour, human resources development, and skills enhancement. Both sides presented their plans for developing priority business sectors and discussed the role of joint efforts in promoting growth and entrepreneurship. The meeting also reviewed the UAE's labour market legislation ecosystem and the guarantees it provides for both parties. The commitment to enhancing cooperation in labour and human resources development was emphasized, with future meetings planned to discuss further developments. The meeting was attended by officials from both countries, including Khalil Ibrahim Al Khoori and Li Xuhang.

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