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Private equity’s private credit push could be a stability risk, bank regulator says

The acting comptroller of the currency, Michael Hsu, has expressed concern over the private equity industry's expansion into private credit, stating that it poses potential threats to financial stability. Hsu highlighted the risks of PE firms originating more loans and engaging in activities typically done by banks, as well as their increased activity in insurance and creative funding structures. He emphasized the lack of consolidated supervision for PE firms, so making it difficult for regulators to assess the risks and interdependencies of their activities. Hsu also raised concerns about digital-payment companies offering banking services, particularly deposit-taking-like activities. He called for increased scrutiny and standardized data to address these vulnerabilities. Hsu praised the U.S. Financial Stability Oversight Council's framework for assessing risks and suggested the establishment of "tripwires" to trigger systemic-risk assessments.

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Anti-Money Laundering Authority ‘will be a game-changer’

The European Union's new Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA) will be based in Frankfurt, the Belgian Presidency of the EU has confirmed. Officials said the AMLA, which will have more than 400 staff and will start operations in mid-2025, will play a key role in fighting illicit financial activities, money laundering and terrorism financing in the bloc. Co-rapporteurs Emil Radev and Eva Maria Poptcheva said the authority “will be a game-changer in cracking down on dirty money in the EU.” They added: “It will supervise the riskiest financial entities, oversee the non-financial sector, and play a crucial role in stopping evaders from circumventing targeted financial sanctions."

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