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Boeing CEO to face Congress on safety concerns

Boeing CEO David Calhoun is set to appear before Congress today to address safety concerns at the troubled aircraft company. Lawmakers are expected to question Calhoun about Boeing's latest plan to fix its manufacturing problems. Relatives of those who died in the two Boeing 737 Max crashes will also be present. The hearing comes after a panel blew out of a 737 Max during a flight in January, raising fresh concerns about the company's best-selling commercial aircraft. Calhoun's testimony is seen as a necessary step for Boeing to regain public trust. The Justice Department is also considering whether to prosecute Boeing for violating terms of a settlement following the fatal crashes. Despite Boeing's efforts to improve safety, the company continues to face challenges, including investigations into falsely documented parts in its supply chain and damage to a Southwest Airlines 737 Max.

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Investment in UK has trailed other G7 countries since mid-1990s, IPPR says

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says investment in the UK has lagged other G7 countries including the US and Germany since the mid-1990s. The thinktank urges Labour and the Conservatives to reverse planned cuts to investment or risk long-term damage to economic growth, and says the next UK government should “lead from the front by designing and delivering high-quality public investments to crowd in private sector funds, especially into industries of the future like electric vehicles and renewable energy,” adding “Likewise public sector investments in education, infrastructure and healthcare are needed to create the right conditions for growth.” The IPPR analysis also showed the UK ranked 28th for business investment out of 31 OECD countries. Slovenia, Latvia and Hungary attracted higher levels of business investment in relation to the size of their economies. Among OECD countries, only Greece, Luxembourg and Poland were ranked lower for business investment than the UK over the last three years.

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