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Call for views on Children (Care and Justice) Bill

Submissions on proposed changes to the care of children, and their treatment in the criminal justice system, have been invited as a Holyrood committee begins its scrutiny of the proposals. The Education, Children & Young People Committee is considering the Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Bill and has issued a call for views ahead of preparing its stage 1 report. The bill will see most 16 and 17 year olds attending a children’s hearing, rather than appearing in court. They would also no longer be held in young offenders’ institutions or prisons, but instead would be sent to secure accommodation. Changes are also proposed to how care services providing residential accommodation to children are regulated. “We want to get a thorough understanding of how the proposals in the bill might impact on people across Scotland, including young people themselves, children’s support organisations and youth justice bodies", said committee convenor Sue Webber MSP. “Please share your views on these proposals with our committee before the March 17th deadline".

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