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Criminals refuse to give up £11m in dirty money

Criminals targeted under 'dirty money' laws have held on to £11m. Money launderers, drug dealers and fraudsters still owe huge sums years after courts imposed confiscation orders on them. Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) figures released under Freedom of Information laws show there is £11,012,703 outstanding in confiscation orders imposed under the Proceeds of Crime Act. More than £4.6m is owed by ten people. Money recovered from criminal enterprises is invested in community projects across the country. As of last month, the largest amount outstanding was from a £1m confiscation order imposed on Edinburgh brothel boss Margaret Paterson in May 2015. Paterson, dubbed 'Madam Moneybags', died aged 66 in September 2019 having paid only £219,559. Prosecutors are trying to recover the money from her estate.

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